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Fashion designers are talented individual who exudes style in everything they do. They also possess the ability to be original and creative and love to make people look good. Fashion designers work on the design of clothing and fashion ranges. A Professional designer typically specializes in one area of design, such as Ethnic Wear, Casual Wear, Sportswear, Bridal Children's wear, footwear or accessories.

With more and more Indians dressing up and focused on looking good, there is an increasing awareness about fashion in India. The India Fashion Week has become an international fashion event, with buyers from international stores making an appearance to transact business. Credit belongs to the talented fashion designers behind the screens.

A fashion designer needs to show his/ her skills in creativity, innovation and flair; Design and visualization skill, knowledge in garment technology and an eye for colour and a feel for fabrics and materials. A fashion designer usually has full control of a fashion show, often picking the models, determining the price of each garment, and arranging how the garment will be presented.

The nature of the business requires consistent communication with suppliers, manufacturers and customers all over the world. Designers travel frequently to meet fabric & material suppliers and manufacturers.

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